Full Intro to Guardians of Ashith

What do a hedgehog, a squirrel, and a cardinal have to do with a fox? Read the story synopsis…

Above picture is a piece of the front cover of Guardians of Ashith. Artwork done by Abby Guthrie.

Hola! Today I am sharing a full introduction to Guardians of Ashith.


Kinkley the hedgehog and his friends Bwonk the squirrel and Melaine the cardinal never expected their quiet lives in the sunny glades of the Forest of Ashith to be disturbed. But one day, rumors begin to spread; something horrible is happening to their beloved forest.

Other than these three friends, however, no one is serious about taking action on these rumors. Will the threesome have the courage to leave the haven they’ve always known, to encounter mysterious dangers and a fox? But more importantly, how can three small friends possibly save the world of Ashith?

If they don’t take the rumors seriously and decide soon, they might discover a world of terror and danger for their beloved forest home.

Some Background:

Kinkley, Bwonk, and Melaine are all in middle school when this story starts. All of their friends (and their ancestors) have lived on the island of Ashith for as long as anyone can remember. No one–except for three other creatures–remember a time when Ashith was not the sunny, quiet glade it has always been. Any kind of danger or rumor of danger has long since become legend and myth, which almost no one knows or cares about.

That is, except for Kinkley. Kinkley loves his history class, and he is (or so he thinks) the only one out of the four creatures in his class who does. But where Kinkley loves delving into deeper things, Bwonk the squirrel loves messing around and chattering. Where Kinkley is thoughtful, Bwonk is fast and impulsive.

And where the both of them fail, Melaine is there to pull them back up (figuratively).

The threesome form an inseparable trio of friends, who go where no other creatures have gone before, and who strengthen each other when they fail.


There you have it! Hope you enjoyed that little synopsis. 🙂

I’m discovering so much background lore for this book, that it could have its own Silmarillion handguide, lol! It’s quite fun to create the world, though. (Probably the most fun and stress-free part of writing is brainstorming.)

If y’all would be interested in a sequel or a background story for Guardians of Ashith, let me know in the comments! I’ll see you there. 🙂


Author: Anne B. Caitlin

Anne Caitlin is a Christian, a writer, a blogger, and a rebelutionary. She loves to wander in worlds of wonder, and write with wonderful words. She is currently finishing her main WIP.

3 thoughts on “Full Intro to Guardians of Ashith”

  1. I’d love a sequel! I think you’ve set the stage nicely for the foursome to become true “guardians” of Ashith. It’d be cool to read about their adventures protecting the new tree

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Tell me when you do decide to make it a reality, because I’d love to be an alpha reader XD The story is incredibly sweet and something I would recommend to my younger siblings.

        Liked by 1 person

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