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I recently joined a writing community called the Young Writer’s Workshop (YWW). It was created by Brett Harris (one of my favorite authors– he and his brother wrote Do Hard Things, and I highly recommend that you get a copy) and Jaquelle Crowe (author of This Changes Everything). Links to these books will be provided at the end of this post.

Brett Harris also runs a website & blog called TheRebelution– found here— that I absolutely love. It posts Christian articles and has an area for discussion. The articles are amazing, encouraging, and inspiring, and they cover a slew of topics for writers, Christians, bloggers, and practically everybody. (Plus, if you want notifications for YWW– which I’ll be telling you more about presently– you’ll get them sooner if you subscribe to the blog.)

Now, back to YWW.

First off- what is YWW? Young Writer’s Workshop is an absolutely incredible paid online program where you can watch (and read) millions of posts on writing, be a part of a really supportive community, get feedback on your writing, make writer friends, and so much more.

How much does it cost?

It is only $35/month (or if you pay yearly, you get two months off; which is $350). Now, before you think that’s a lot, I’d like to bring up two points.

  1. Any kind of ongoing mentorship (music lessons, sports, writer mentors, etc) costs way more than this program does (most cost twice as much; and an ongoing writer mentor is hundreds of dollars a month). Most likely you are already in some kind of ongoing mentorship, either that you pay for or your parents pay for. $35/month is small compared to those activities! (If you’d like verification, ask your parents how much the programs you are in cost.)
  2. I am a sophomore who has no regular job yet, and I am able to pay for this program. (And I am not rich.)

Plus: It doesn’t have to be just you paying for the program! A few friends of mine are paying half and half with their parents.

And, if you’re in a special situation, they have a Pay-What-You-Can policy and are very flexible.

How much time does this program take?

YWW posts about five 3-10 minute long videos every week. You don’t have to watch them all, either (though all of them are jam-packed with extremely useful information). So do you have time to watch a 5-minute video every week?

If you say no, I’ll just say this: I thought I’d have no time either. I’m taking college classes and doing many other things on top of my day-to-day tasks and homework. But I still have plenty of time for this program. (Especially when I spent less time on distractions, procrastinating, and social media.)

What do you get from this program, other than what I said earlier?

  1. Ongoing writing mentorship– not only do you constantly get more writing tips and tricks via the weekly videos and other content, but all the mentors are there to answer your questions 24/7. I was super impressed at how quickly I got answers to my questions– within 5 minutes, I’d say. Sometimes they’d answer immediately. And– bonus!– you get access to a private, super safe online writer community, where you can receive feedback on your books, encouragement when you’re down or not motivated, inspiration, help, tips, advice, where you can ask questions, and where you get to help other writers. (You can also form a small group of “fangirls” for practically all of your favorite fandoms/movies/games/books/etc.)
  2. Incredibly useful writing tips & tricks that will stay with you forever– covering topics such as consistency, motivation, inspiration, and so so so much more. These bits of sunshine will stay with you forever.
  3. And so much more that I have no time (or space) to mention…

How long does this program run for?

YWW is ongoing. It only ends when you decide to stop or cancel. It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not pleased with Young Writer’s Workshop after you pay for it (which I would be incredibly surprised if you are), they will give you your money back!

Concluding Notes…

Reader, I’d like to point out one last thing. I started this program over two weeks ago–and the $350 is already way more than worth it. In fact, I would say that $350 is a huge bargain for what they’re giving. I’ve already benefited so much from this program, and learned a ton.

This post is getting rather long, and if I haven’t convinced you how awesome this program is yet, then I’ll let them do the rest. šŸ˜‰ Here‘s the link to the workshop!

So the sign-up for this program is already closed (I’m sorry I didn’t say anything earlier), but it will be re-opening in the late summer of this year. So subscribe to, and watch your inboxes (and this blog) for updates!

I hope I’ll find you on there when registration re-opens! It’s truly incredible.

[Here‘s the link for Do Hard Things, and here‘s the link for This Changes Everything.]

Also, if you want some writing tips while you’re waiting for YWW to re-open, check out

If you have any questions, you can comment below, shoot me an email @, or ask Brett or Jaquelle on YWW. You’ll get a response fast!


Author: Anne B. Caitlin

Anne Caitlin is a Christian, a writer, a blogger, and a rebelutionary. She loves to wander in worlds of wonder, and write with wonderful words. She is currently finishing her main WIP.

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