Poetry: When Sorrows Come

Hola, Reader!

Today I am sharing one of my own poems, “When Sorrows Come”. Enjoy!

“When storms arise and fears dismay,
He then is all my hope and stay”

When sorrows come,
God’s light does not disappear;
It does not hide,
His light is still shining clear.

Why do you think
That the sun no longer shines,
When storms arise
And obstruct our mortal eyes?

The sun’s still there,
Still burning just as bright;
It is not quenched
By water damming its sight.

When Satan sends a cloud,
To bar and hide the Way,
God lets it rain and pour
To test and grow our faith.

Don’t let Satan fool you,
Don’t let him drown with doubt;
He tries to bring you down
And waits to knock you out.

Put on the shield of faith,
Wear the armor of God.
Reach up high past the night
And fly into His light.

Anne B. Caitlin

I always liked the imagery that inspired this poem: that clouds are the sorrow that block out the sun, but all you have to do is fly above the clouds and enter a world of fluffy white clouds and bright, clear sunshine. It doesn’t claim that the clouds aren’t there; rather, it sees the beauty in and above the clouds, and recognizes the eternal presence of the sun.

What do you think? Do you have any critiques or tips for the poem? What was your favorite part (if you had one)?

Have a great week and God bless!


Author: Anne B. Caitlin

Anne Caitlin is a Christian, a writer, a blogger, and a rebelutionary. She loves to wander in worlds of wonder, and write with wonderful words. She is currently finishing her main WIP.

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