Poetry: The Idea

“The Idea” by Anne B. Caitlin

Hola, Reader!

Today I am sharing yet another one of my poems: “The Idea”. This is another one of my favorite created poems.


The words mingled in her mind
Swirling, whirling, a golden find.
She raced up to her room
Praying to find some paper soon
Grasping, clasping the memory close
Before the lovely lines bid adios.
In a swirl in a frenzy scratched the feather
Upon the little tree bound in leather,
Blocking all sound ‘cept the supper chime.
She did not dare to dine
Whilst remained the revelation.

Insistent rang the bell, still did she not come.
Fought she fiercely, struggled strongly,
Wrestling the idea’s resistance singly.
A slip, a dash, a tackle down–
‘Till at last the battle was done.
Heart beating, heavy breathing,
Slumping to her seat, the wing-
Feather flying with the weary wind.
Her feat was recorded and
The deed by dinner rewarded.
Her mind was done, but then was fed.

Anne B. Caitlin

While this was one of my more… old-fashioned-words style poems, I loved “the idea” of this poem. This describes a lot of writers’ experience with ideas. The frantic search for paper, pen, phone, computer, or typewriter before they forget the idea. The suddenness of the inspiration–it doesn’t wait for a good time to appear. It just pops into your head, demanding immediate attention and insisting to be written down at once.

What do you think? What was your favorite/least favorite line(s)? What do you like to write your ideas down on?

Hope you’re having a great week!


Poetry: The Wind and The Oak

“The Wind and the Oak” poem by Anne B. Caitlin

Hola, Reader!

Today I am sharing one of my own favorite created poems. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Oak stood upon a hilly ridge.
Wind whirled and whistled
And all bowed before his will.
He swept Oak’s sorrow from her gaze
And blew her burdens away.
She gazed in awe at the glorious
Swaying, worshipping grass
Which hummed and fluted
Praise to Wind’s wonderful power.

Wind whispered and wondered
At Oak’s thoughtful stand.
“What are you thinking?” Asked he.
Slowly responded she.

“I watch motion’s mysteries,
I ponder the path of the breeze.
What wisdom does Wind contain?
From whence he came,
No one has been informed.
To where he goes,
No one knows.
Can you tell me please,
Who your Maker be?”

“He is the Master of the sea,
The Word, the Life, the Light be He.
He directs my path,
All knowledge He hath.
I know not where I go,
Except that where He says, there I blow.”

Anne B. Caitlin

My favorite line(s) out of the whole poem has to be, “I know not where I go, except that where He says, there I blow.” Too often in our lives are we blind, uncertain, and scared of the future–we have no idea how it will go, or what will happen. We can only live on a day-by-day basis. But the pressure’s not on us to know exactly what we’re going to do and where we’re going to go. All we need to do is “trust and obey” God every moment of our lives. He has the plan and knows what will happen.

Thanks for reading! What was your favorite (& least favorite) line(s)–if any? Any critiques? Comment below!


Cover Reveal Tour For a Fellow Writer

A cover reveal blog tour post for Oceane McAllister’s novel, Crown of Roses! Check it out!

Hola, Reader!

Today I am sharing the cover reveal of a fellow writer’s novel! It is: Crown of Roses by Oceane McAllister. *throws confetti*

Oceane has worked hard on her first novel and its cover, and she is preparing for its publication this summer. (So exciting!!! It’s going to be her first published book!!) So be on the lookout for Crown of Roses, and follow her blog (https://oceanemcallister.com) to stay updated! While I’ll inform you of Crown of Roses‘ official release date and publication, Oceane will have more detailed information than I will. (Plus, she posts lovely poems on her blog too!)

Without further ado, here is her cover reveal! You can find her full post here: https://oceanemcallister.com/2019/03/01/crown-of-roses-cover-reveal/

Here is the blurb of her book:

Have you ever heard Red Riding Hood howl at the moon? 

When Cerise, Verre, Blanca, and Aura are captured and forced to complete a near impossible task, it seems certain that their loved one’s lives are as good as over. 

Or seen Cinderella kill a man with just a shard of glass? 

And despite meeting a dragon, internal disputes, and the fact that they’re all most likely going to die, the young women grow close. Too close.

Snow White has vanquished more with her poisoned breath than her beauty.

For secrets come to light that have the power to change everything. There is a traitor in their midst, one who could potentially save or destroy them.

And Sleeping Beauty? She will bring slumber with but a touch of her hand. 

There you have it! Go congratulate Oceane and tell her what you think of her cover and the blurb! Here is the link to her cover reveal post:

Hope you’re having an awesome winter! See you in the comments!


Guardians of Ashith Cover Reveal!!

Hola, Reader!

Today I am presenting Guardians of Ashith’s first official front–and back–covers! Also, I added a new website banner–did you see it at the top of the page when you clicked in? If not, look up! 😉

Here are the front and back covers to Guardians of Ashith!! Abby Guthrie, a friend of mine, drew the image for the front cover, and I made the rest with a lovely program/website called Canva.

What do you think? Is there anything you think I should change with either cover? (More information on the back, perhaps? Should I change the synopsis? I didn’t include my publishing logo. Would you like to see it?) Let me know in the comments below!!


Poetry and An Update

A poem by me and a blog update!

Hola, Reader! It’s been awhile!

As you know, I post rather irregularly. I struggle to find a good posting frequency that works with my busy schedule. So now I will be trying to post at least once, if not twice a month. Every week (or every other week), I will be posting a poem–either of my own or by someone else. Then, once a month, I will post an update on my writing/reading. Sound like a good plan? Let me know what you think below!


Unripened words on the tree of the mind
When ripe they're split open and eaten
Some are rotten and thrown away
Others are juicy and full of meat.

For what are words but the fruit of imaginations?
What are words except the whispers of the wind?
What are words, the forces that drive all emotions?
What are words, the ideas that flip the world upside down?

No man can live on bread alone
But on the very words of God;
Words have power though they're unseen
Words can't be explained by science.

In order to grow words
A mustard seed must be first planted
And watered and loved so that it grows
Into the solid tree that develops fruit.

It can't be abandoned or it will die
It oughtn't be left a seed forever
It needs firm roots and a solid soul for soil
Then it will grow into the tree
Where birds will nest in its branches.

If it doesn't grow no birds will come
There'll be no shade under its branches
Ideas won't blossom and prompts won't roost
Within its nonexistent branches.

These ideas make the world
And change it for ever
Don't waste the fruit of this seed
Or it will take down other seeds.

Words have the power to burn the trees
They have the strength to fly the bees
Whispers untold will fold the world
And exclamations shake it.

-Anne B. Caitlin

This poem came out in a kind of song form, rather than just a poem. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for posts and/or post frequency! What did you think of the poem? Did you see any ways I could improve it? Comment below!


Poetry: The Mist of the Morning

Hola, Reader! Today I am sharing a poem I made for a class. I have a few more that I will share later this week.

Here it is:

The Mist of the Morning

A veil covers sea,

And land and soul and sky;

Drawn up o’er the heavens,

Refreshing travelers.

Its cool silken fabrics

Draped o’er ev’ry field

Relax the laden lines

Of every stressed human

Who awakens early;

And conceal creatures

Which hide from all dangers.

These wings of God protect

And heal and care for those

Whom He had created;

Until they rise again

Back up to the heavens

Where God’s enthroned above.

Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments what you think, and if there’s anything you would change!

Have a great week!


Poetry: Opposites Attract

Hola, Reader! Today is a really short post.

I was lucky enough to have a poetry war with one of my friends, and I spontaneously created this poem. (Isn’t it great when that happens?) I edited it slightly once we were done with the poetry battle to help it rhyme, and here it is:

“Opposites attract;

Perhaps this the reason be

Why my self in one piece stays;

For if the same all my days

I ‘twould fly apart and flee.”

The friend & I were commenting on how different we ourselves are compared to when we are with friends and when we are by ourselves. So this poem spontaneously came into my brain: since there are opposites of nature within us and opposites attract, we stay in one piece.

However, it’s rather strange; because the people who have the same personality and character no matter what situation they’re in are typically more consistent, reliable, and stable. So the “opposites attract” doesn’t really apply to within people, it seems to only apply to people-to-people and electrical charge-to-charge relationships.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the poem! Have a great day! 🙂