To All Writers

Hola, Reader!

I recently joined a writing community called the Young Writer’s Workshop (YWW). It was created by Brett Harris (one of my favorite authors– he and his brother wrote Do Hard Things, and I highly recommend that you get a copy) and Jaquelle Crowe (author of This Changes Everything). Links to these books will be provided at the end of this post.

Brett Harris also runs a website & blog called TheRebelution– found here— that I absolutely love. It posts Christian articles and has an area for discussion. The articles are amazing, encouraging, and inspiring, and they cover a slew of topics for writers, Christians, bloggers, and practically everybody. (Plus, if you want notifications for YWW– which I’ll be telling you more about presently– you’ll get them sooner if you subscribe to the blog.)

Now, back to YWW.

First off- what is YWW? Continue reading “To All Writers”