My Books

Hola, Reader!

In this section are my published books and works-in-progress. Here I will give blurbs, covers, and details for each of my books, and–when one is published–a link to where you can buy a copy.

Right now my main Work-In-Progress is Guardians of Ashith. I hope to traditionally publish it as soon as I finish the current revision. I have already collected a list of publishers to contact and look further into; once I am done with the revision, I will contact them and see if they will publish me. Since the traditional publishing process takes awhile, the earliest it could be published is spring/summer 2020. So be on the lookout, and watch your inboxes for a publishing update!

Meanwhile, you can check out my other WIPs (Works-in-Progress) in the “Works in Progress” page and take a look at my poems in the “Poetry” category.

I’ll see you there!

-Anne B. Caitlin

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