Works in Progress

Main WIP: Guardians of Ashith

Current Official Front Cover. Subject to Change. Artwork done by Abby Guthrie.


In a land in a glade,
In a world far away,
Three friends wandered and played.
A cardinal, Melaine,
A squirrel, too, named Bwonk,
And a Hedgehog—Kinkley.
The threesome would soon meet
An unlikely ally
A fox, most feared, named Flaxe;
Who tells them the danger
Their belovèd glade’s in.
Will they find the courage
To leave home and protect
Their guardian, the Tree?
Or will all they care for
Die and be overwhelmed?
These four will be honored
With a goddess’ presence—
Aerith, who can shapeshift.
But even with others’ aid,
The Tree will die, along
With its magic protection.

Current Status

Being revised and awaiting publication. Will be traditionally published; a list of publishers is being put together. Projected tentative publishing date is spring/summer 2020. Official publishing date, based off of publisher availability and time, will be released when discovered.

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