The Winds of Time

Drift on the winds of time.

Hola, reader! Here’s one of my original poems, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem The Road Goes Ever On.

The winds of time
Whirl ever on,
Out from the dawn
When they began;

Blowing me on,
Onward I go,
Though not knowing
The path they lead.

The winds will whirl
Slowly over
Some certain scene
And then pause there;

Then swirling on,
Faster they'll blow,
Never daring
To tarry there.

Though I know not
To where they blow,
Still I'll follow
With grateful feet;

'Till they slowly,
Gently recede,
Drifting to the
Final Setting.

When I created this poem, I was trying to think of a good metaphor for time, and wind came to mind. It’s always there, always exists, but it travels both quickly and slowly–just like how sometimes time flies and sometimes it sleeps. Memory is a funny thing, too–whether or not an event seemed to fly by or take forever, memory is very picky about what it keeps. It’s interesting trying to figure out why you remember some small things and not other (sometimes heavily impactful) things. Time flies, and so does memory.

Anyway, thinking of time as wind, and time travel as sailing on the drifts, produced this poem. Then the poem just seemed to fit into the meter of The Road Goes Ever On, which I’d recently read (and listened to).

And voila! Out came this poem.

Hope you enjoyed it! What’s one of your favorite poems by Tolkien? What’re some things that inspired your own (or another poet’s) poems?

Thanks for checking out this post! May God bless your week and your adventures at home.

Ta-ta for now!