Poetry: The Wind and The Oak

“The Wind and the Oak” poem by Anne B. Caitlin

Hola, Reader!

Today I am sharing one of my own favorite created poems. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Oak stood upon a hilly ridge.
Wind whirled and whistled
And all bowed before his will.
He swept Oak’s sorrow from her gaze
And blew her burdens away.
She gazed in awe at the glorious
Swaying, worshipping grass
Which hummed and fluted
Praise to Wind’s wonderful power.

Wind whispered and wondered
At Oak’s thoughtful stand.
“What are you thinking?” Asked he.
Slowly responded she.

“I watch motion’s mysteries,
I ponder the path of the breeze.
What wisdom does Wind contain?
From whence he came,
No one has been informed.
To where he goes,
No one knows.
Can you tell me please,
Who your Maker be?”

“He is the Master of the sea,
The Word, the Life, the Light be He.
He directs my path,
All knowledge He hath.
I know not where I go,
Except that where He says, there I blow.”

Anne B. Caitlin

My favorite line(s) out of the whole poem has to be, “I know not where I go, except that where He says, there I blow.” Too often in our lives are we blind, uncertain, and scared of the future–we have no idea how it will go, or what will happen. We can only live on a day-by-day basis. But the pressure’s not on us to know exactly what we’re going to do and where we’re going to go. All we need to do is “trust and obey” God every moment of our lives. He has the plan and knows what will happen.

Thanks for reading! What was your favorite (& least favorite) line(s)–if any? Any critiques? Comment below!