The MindMaze

Current MindMaze cover. Cover done by Oceane McAllister, aka OceaneBreeze on Wattpad.


Emily Cooper is captured in a mall and trapped in a magical maze. To her surprise, she is not alone.

She is hunted.

Who are those who are chasing her?

She is trapped.

How did she get here?

Strange, deformed humanity is trapped within also.

What exactly are these creatures, and who are they? Are they friendly?

The maze seems very old…

Who created this maze, and why is it here?

Current Status

First draft being written. Was a past Nanowrimo project; may be 2020’s NNWM project.


The beginning few chapters of this story can be found on Wattpad at:
If this link doesn’t work, let me know in the comments below!

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